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Frequently asked questions

What will we do?

We will examine the nature and actual site of the problem and relate it to your whole person before making a diagnosis. After full consultation with you, and where appropriate with your doctor, we will decide on the best form of treatment to be undertaken. We treat the whole body by correcting and improving the body's own natural healing mechanisms , without the use of drugs or medication unless prescribed by your doctor. Physiotherapy can play a vital part in pain relief, healing and rehabilitation in most medical and surgical conditions.

How will we treat you?

Having established the cause of your problem, your physiotherapist will discuss a proposed treatment regime. Treatment will be directed at your current problem and the equally important aspect of correcting any postural misalignment or muscle imbalance. There is seldom only one way to treat a condition, and deciding on the treatment method is a partnership between you and the physiotherapist. The treatment plan is tailor-made for you, and will give you the tools to keep your body working in the way it was designed. Treatment may include mobilisations, electrotherapy and rehabilitation programmes.

Do I need to be referred by my doctor?

Broomhills Physiotherapy welcomes private patients, and we normally inform your general practitioner (GP) of your visit but you have the opportunity to ask us not to do this.

Contact will usually be maintained between your GP and the clinic. We work in close co-operation with GPs in much the same way as consultants do, and this relationship is to the ultimate benefit of the patient.

To arrange an appointment or speak to a physiotherapist, call us now on 01206 382951 or email info@broomhillsphysio.co.uk.